Gary Koutnik, MAI, ARA(Inactive), SRA, SRPA, President

    What I do:

    • Value Real Estate
    • Golf
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    • Offer Real Estate Investment Analysis

    Gary W. Koutnik

    Bachelor of Business Administration, General Business Management, August 2005, Boise State University, Boise, ID.
    Associates of Arts, General Business, August 2005, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, ID.
    Associates of Arts, Real Estate, December 2001, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, ID.
    Associates of Arts, Liberal Arts, April 2001, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, ID.

    THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS: Course VIII, Residential Valuation (1977). Course IV, Litigation Valuation (1981). Course 1B-A, Capitalization Theory and Techniques (1985). Course 1B-B, Capitalization Theory and Techniques (1985). Course 2-1, Case Studies in Real Estate Valuation (1985). Course 2-2, Valuation Analysis and Report Writing (1986). Course 2-3, Standards of Professional Practice (1986). Regulation R41-C Seminar (1987). Written Communications Seminar (1987). Environmental Law Issues Seminar (1991).

    THE APPRAISAL INSTITUTE: ADA Seminar, (1993), URAR Seminar, (1993). Course 510, Advanced Income Capitalization, 05/94. 30 Specialized Appraisal Issues, 03/04/94. Maximizing the Value of an Appraisal Practice, 07/94. Current Issues and Misconceptions in the Appraisal Process, 07/94. Course 410 – Standards of Professional Practice, Part A, 09/94. Course 420 – Standards of Professional Practice, Part B, 10/94. Financial Institution Review Considerations, 07/98. Regulation Compliance And Recent Proposed Changes in Idaho Law 07/98. Math Skills, Calculator and Graphical Interpretation 02/99. Income Approach and Partial Interests, 02/99. Sales Comparison Approach, 02/99. Special Purpose Properties, 09/99. Appraisal of Local Retail Facilities, 09/99. Standards of Professional Practice, Part C (Course II430) 06/2000, Appraisal of nonconforming property, 11/01. Land Value Adjustments, 04/03. Scope of Practice, 06/03, Residential Sales Comparison Approach (09/03) Rates and Ratios (09/03). Internet Search Strategies for Real Estate Appraisers (08/04). Overview of Real Estate Appraisal Principles (08/04). Appraising manufactured housing (05/05). The professionals guide to the URAR (09/05). Business Practices and Ethics (01/07). Attacking and Defending an Appraisal in Litigation (06/08). Economic Seminar on the income and cost approaches (01/2009). Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice 2008-2009 Edition (01/09). Business Practices and Ethics (05/09). Appraisal Curriculum Overview (09/09). Appraisal Challenges: Declining Markets and Sales Concessions (10/09). National USPAP Update Course (03/10). Real Estate Finance, Statistics, and Valuation Modeling (01/11). Appraising High Value and Historic Homes (10/11). Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices 2012-2013 Edition (01/12). Fundamentals of Separating Real Property, Personal Property, and Intangible Business Assets/ (04/12). Evaluating Commercial Construction (07/13). Cool Tools: New Technology for Real Estate Appraisers (01/16). 7 Hour Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (01/16). Business Practices & Ethics (06/16). Residential New Construction Issues (07/16).  ANSI Residential Measuring Standards (07/16).  A Water Right Survival Course For Appraisers (11/16).

    THE SOCIETY OF REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS: Course 101, Principles of Real Estate Appraisal (1977). Course 201, Appraisal of Income Producing Properties (1977 and 1981). Course 202, Case Studies of Income Producing Properties (1981). Course 301, Special Applications of Appraisal Analysis (1983). Passed R-2 Exam (1977). Narrative Report Writing Seminar (1977). Cash Equivalency and Creative Financing (1981). Mobile Home Appraisal (1983). R41-C and The Appraiser (1987). Uniform Residential Appraisal Report Seminar (1987). Advanced Rural Appraisal, A-30 (1991).

    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF FARM MANAGERS AND RURAL APPRAISERS: Advanced Rural Appraisal (1980), Mineral Appraisal Seminar (1981), Report Writing Seminar (1988). Mathematics of Finance, (1988). Principles of Rural Appraisal, A-20, (1989). Sales analysis seminar (1989). Environmental concerns affecting Real Estate, (1990). Certification School, A-45, (1991). Ethics and Standards, A-17, (1991). Completion of Continuing Education Requirements through 1996. Highest and Best Use Seminar, (01/93). 64th Annual Convention (11/93) Eminent Domain & Income Approach Seminar, (01/94). Current with Continuing Education Requirements through December 31, 1996. Revisions to USPAP (A-12) Part III, 08/19/94. Rural Residential Appraisal Class, 05/97. Water Resource-Law, Engineering and Technology and Farmer Mac, 01/99. ASFMRA Code of Ethics, 01/00. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice – National USPAP Course, 01/00. Federal Land Exchanges & Acquisitions, 05/01. USPAP Update, 01/03. Preparing the Expert Witness, 01/03. Income Approach/Discounting & Leases, 05/03. Livestock/Ranch part 1-Analysis 05/05. Livestock/Ranch part 1-Valuation 05/05. Identifying Intangible Assets 05/06. National USPAP update, 01/07, ASFMRA Code of Ethics, 01/07. Minerals Appraisal, 05/07. Timber Valuation, 05/07. USPAP update 08/07. Data Analysis (05/08). Cost Estimating (05/08). USPAP 2008-2009 (01/09). Cost and Income Seminar (01/09). Cost approach seminar (05/10). Sales Comparison Approach (05/10. Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (01/11). Agricultural outlook 2010 (01/11). ). Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (01/11). Income Approach Applications (05/11). Dairy Appraisal Seminar (05/11). Highest and Best Use Seminar (05/12). Appraising Ag. Lands in Transition Seminar (05/12). Valuation of Intangible and Non-Financial Assets (01/13). Water Mitigations & Issues/Appraisal Issues/Steel Building Construction/Crop Practices & Costs (01/13). Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (01/14). Real Estate Law For Appraisers (01/14). Eminent Domain (05/14). Introduction to Soils for Appraisers (01/15). Key Elements of Grain Elevator Valuation (05/15). Appraising Natural Resources (05/16).  Appraising Wind Powered Electric Generators (05/16).

    IDAHO REAL ESTATE EDUCATION COUNCIL COURSES: The Essentials of Real Estate (1973); Real Estate Law(1974 & 1996); Real Estate Financing; Real Estate Marketing (1975); Real Estate Appraisal (1975); Real Estate Taxation(1975); Real Estate Syndication (1975), GRI course 100 (1975), and GRI 6th Course (1975). Business model training: systems & tools (05/05).


    MARSHALL AND SWIFT: Residential, Industrial and Commercial valuation via the cost approach (1979).

    INTERNATIONAL RIGHT OF WAY ASSOCIATION: Basic Right of Way Appraisal (1982), Narrative Report Writing Seminar (1982). Skills of Expert Testimony, Course 214, 04/99.

    REALTORS® LAND INSTITUTE: Tax Deferred (1031) Real Property Exchanges (01/08).

    OTHER COURSES: Contemporary Appraisal of Income Property (1984). Financial Management of the Closely Held Business (1984). Proximity Damages Models & Methods (07/03). Valuemetrics; Power Tools for Appraisers (06/13), Applied Predictive Analytics (06/13).

    SUCCESSFUL EXAM CHALLENGES: A.I.R.E.A: Comprehensive Examination, 1990. Course 1A-1 (1985), Course 1A-2 (1985). A.S.F.M.R.A: Fundamentals of the Rural Appraisal (1987). Course 102, Applied Residential Property Valuation.

    Member, Southern Idaho Regional MLS. Appraisal member Sun Valley Board of Realtors/MLS.

    Real Estate Salesman by the State of Idaho (1974). Real Estate Broker by the State of Idaho (1980). Certified Appraiser for tax and assessment purposes by the State of Idaho (1989). Certified Appraiser by the Idaho State Real Estate Appraiser Board, Certificate #2 (1991).

    MAI, Member Appraisal Institute Certificate Number 8469, by the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, (1990). ARA, Accredited Rural Appraiser by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (1987) (inactive). I am an Inactive Member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. Inactive Members are not available for farm and ranch management, agricultural consulting, rural appraisal and/or appraisal review services . SRPA, Senior Real Property Appraiser by the Society of Real Estate Appraisers (1982). S.R.A. Senior Residential Appraiser by the Society of Real Estate Appraisers (1982). GRI, Graduate Realtor Institute designation from the State of Idaho Association of Realtors (1975).

    Real Estate Appraisal Trainee, Western Realty Company (1969). Real Estate Appraiser, Western Appraisal and Investment Company (1974). Senior Staff Appraiser, Western Appraisal and Investment Company (1975-1978). General Manager, Southern California Appraisal Company (1978). Manager, Western Appraisal and Investment Company (1979-1980). President, Western Appraisal Company (1981 to 1996). President, Western Appraisal and Investment Company (1996 to date).

    Qualified as an expert witness and testified in State District courts, State Commissioner Courts, and Federal Bankruptcy Court.

    Appraised real estate of all types in; Nevada county of Elko; Utah counties of Box Elder and Cache; California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Ventura; Oregon county of Baker; and Arkansas county of Sharp.

    Idaho counties of Twin Falls, Ada, Jerome, Cassia, Minidoka, Butte, Blaine, Custer, Gooding, Payette, Camas, and Elmore.

    South Idaho Chapter of the Society of Real Estate Appraisers: Secretary Treasurer (1983). Second Vice President (1984). First Vice President (1985). President (1986-1987). Chairman, Professional Practice Committee (1983-1985). Chairman, Candidate Guidance Committee (1983-1985). Program Chairman (1985). Attended: Young Advisory Council (1984) and Candidate Guidance Seminar (1984). Member, National Membership and Chapter Services Committee (1986,1987). Demonstration report grader, A.S.F.M.R.A. (1989), Appraisal review committee chairman, Idaho Chapter of A.S.F.M.R.A. (1989), Member Idaho Chapter A.S.F.M.R.A. Licensing and Certification Advisory Committee. The Southern Idaho Division of the Idaho Certified Real Estate Appraiser Board (1990-1993). Appraisal Institute member Regional Ethics Committee.

    Under the Auspices of the Appraisal Institute, The State of Idaho, and the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers programs of continuing education I am currently certified. AI: 12/31/17, ASFMRA: 12/31/17 State of Idaho Appraiser Board: 04/03/17, Idaho State Tax Commission: 12/31/17.

    Individual narrative appraisals and analysis reports on all types of real estate. Subdivision analysis, commercial and industrial type properties, vacant land and agricultural land (improved and unimproved), recreational properties, and all types of condemnation valuations.

    Deb Koutnik, Executive Vice President, Majority Stockholder

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